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Managed Services vs. Break/Fix Companies

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Imagine this.

You’ve spent the entire morning plugging away on your keyboard, trying to complete a vital sales document. When you arrive back at your desk after lunch, you find that your computer has crashed.

You call your IT person and after a long wait for them to arrive on site, the next several hours are wasted away as they work to get your system up and running again. You’ve lost half the day, your document still isn’t finished, and now you’ve got an unexpected and costly bill to pay.

The break/fix company is incentivized to be on-site as much as possible; their business only makes money when your network or devices are not functioning as they should. You’re always left hoping a device won’t break down so you won’t need to call in for support. This model doesn’t make much sense to us, and we’d even argue that it’s terrible for your business.

Discover a better support experience.

Our Business Essentials managed service plans take a proactive approach to support, rather than being reactionary. We monitor your network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, preventing most issues before they become problems affecting your operations.

We charge a flat-rate monthly fee to support all your employees and devices, rather than an hourly fee to fix systems that are broken. Unlike the break/fix provider, we have the incentive to keep your network healthy and stable.

The less we are on-site fixing problems, the better it is for us. We don’t just want our clients to have robust networks that rarely break down; our business depends on it.

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